Ab Uno Pluribus(Live performance), Three Jewels, New York, USA

Zip:UNCOMPRESSED Vol.3 (Live audio visual performance set), 3LD Art & Technology Center + 3-Legged Dog Media & Theater, New York, USA


G-Shock : Shock the World Bangkok 2013 (Live performance), Sonic, Bangkok, Thailand


2014 - present

43th Thai Red Cross Concert(Live performance), Thailand Cultural Centre, Bangkok, Thailand

FIGMENT 2017(Group exhibition), Governor's Island, New York, USA


2012 - 2013

delicate decibel 2014 (Live performance), Soy Sauce Factory, Bangkok, Thailand

KaleidoSoup (Live performance), The Box Collective, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Brooklyn, Mirage (Motion designer, VJ and Stage Operator), Brooklyn, New york, USA



Overcoat Music Festival 2015 (Live performance), Petchaboon, Thailand


Zip Season 2:衍变未来 Developing The Future(Group Exhibition), 3LD Art & Technology Center + 3-Legged Dog Media & Theater, New York, USA

DecideKit (Designer), Bangkok, Thailand

HOUSE101(Live performance), JAM Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand

Exhibition / Live performance:

VolvoxLabs (Visual Artist, Motion graphics designer, Video jockey), Brooklyn, USA

delicate decibel 2015 (Live performance), LIVE RCA, Bangkok, Thailand


   Pasakorn Nontananandh aka Akaliko

An experimental visual artist and motion designer based in Brooklyn. He produces his unique style of artwork in a field of 2D/ 3D animation and interactive installations. He seeks new hybrid possibilities by adapting divergent processes, including hand-drawing, creative programming along with motion design strategies that come from his professional commercial computer skills. He has a background in Communication Design, having earned a BFA at KMUTT, Bangkok, Thailand, where he continuously developed his personal and conceptual aesthetic involving the human mind and experience in relation to environment via video art and experimental animation

Dialogue in the Basement (Exhibition + live performance), JAM Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand

Freelance (Visual Artist, Motion graphics designer, Video jockey) Worldwide


One Step Beyond(Live performance), American Natural History Museum, New York, USA

Is_an_Artist (Group exhibition), The Jam Factory, Bangkok, Thailand

    “ My name is Pasakorn Nontananandh. I am a motion graphic designer, a visual artist and a part-time VJ(visual jockey) aka Akaliko.

    Akaliko is a Pali word and usually used in Buddhism, which means unconditioned by time.”


No Answer (Live performance), Thapae East, Chiangmai, Thailand

Macy Art gallery Exhibition (Group Exhibition), Macy Art Gallery, Teacher collage, Columbia University, New york, USA

SUB-STATION 4 (Live performance), Sangdee Gallery & Cafe, Chiangmai, Thailand