This Sample Reel contains variety of works as the following:

            ・ motion graphics

            ・ Live visual performance

            ・ Fine art

            ・ Experimental


  The music video was made by Modul8 software which normally made for performing live visual.

   Sub-Station is a music event, where musicians (live band and Dj) and video jockey can perform the experimental performance. The shows normally take place around Chiangmai, in the small night club where almost audiences expect to listen and watch something foreign.

It was a challenging job for the footage preparations, because the variation of music styles, from electronic chillout to Rock n' Roll play along the violin or a solo singer with her theremin, an early electronic musical instrument.

16) KaleidoSoup Visual

Media: Motion graphic

PORTFOLIO part 02 : Featured project's images

06) A Moment in Between,

as an Individual One

Media: Motion graphics for

music video

20) LUSH - Green Night Out

Media: Video Jockey for

electronic music


Media: Rotoscoping

11, 12) Sleeping is Euphoria

Media: Experimental short film

04) The Champions, Singha 80th Anniversary

Media: Motion graphics for event

07) The Little House, Is_an_Artist Exhibition

media : Motion graphic for exhibition

  The continued project from Motion Glass, using the same photography technique capturing the light movement, combined with stop-motion and rendered the stop-motion sequence in the computer programme.

  What is reality? We call the experience that we perceive from the external world reality and what we experience inside as a dream, an emotion or an illusion. But in fact, they are so many illusions occurring in this "reality" world. Like a reflection of things in the water. When it is still, it depicts an image of the objects on its surface, yet it becomes an illusion by the form of wave itself.

  Similar to us, human, as a reflection of experience that we perceive through our senses to the world inside us and reflect back to the reality world in the form of action, which becomes more or less distorted in between the process of perception and/or reflecting back.

  Furthermore, I considered myself as the connection or both sides, the external world we call "reality" and the world inside which co-exists and influence each by the presence of individuality.

   A co-exhibition made by 3 artists from 3 different fields of media who transformed the upstairs space of the gallery for this installation. The concept is a transformative dialogue between the house and our own body. Additionally, it’s the combination of paintings, drawings motion graphic and sound which created from experiences and memories of the artists, brings the audiences to the ethereal place in between the reality and dreamland.

Portfolio PART 01 : DEMOreel

  FORWARD is the bachelor's thesis project, it represents he human's desire in relation with the improvement of human's technology. The technology was created to served human's satisfaction. On the other hand, satisfaction never stops because people tend to becomes unfulfilled when time passes by. With that being said, new technology becomes old for the younger generation and in consequence, the new generation craves for new technology. Perhaps, I can say that "What was beyond our satisfaction is our satisfaction but will not be our satisfaction".

  The visual set that was made for applying and play along with sound artist at the KaleidoSoup Event, the International VJ(video jockey) and DJ meeting event that took place at Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.

18) Installation at Dialogue in the   Basement Exhibition

Media: Installation with experimental motion graphic

  A motion graphics used by Singha, which is a known beer company in Thailand. The beer company hosted the 80th anniversary event concert to show sponsorship of the company to Thai national athletes. It featuring many well-known Thai athletes including Buakaw and athletes who recently won the medal from Olympic and Paralympic Games.

13, 14) Motion Glass

Media: Experimental photograph

Visual Artist ・Motion Graphic Designer ・VJ

1, 2) A c r o s s

Media: Motion graphics

08) The Eyes, Is_an_Artist Exhibition

Media : Motion graphic for exhibition

19) Sub-Station 4, Live Music Event

media : Video Jockey with live bands

15) Lonely Glasses

Media: Stop-motion animation

09) Fish School, Is_an_Artist Exhibition

Media: Motion graphic for an exhibition

03) Sleeping is Euphoria Pt. 2

media : Motion graphics

  Is_an_artist Exhibition is the project with the objectives to bring the presence of disadvantages children with disability or/and ill through the artwork which these special children were created to public and also give them the correct information about the illness.

  For the motion graphic part, I used only the materials from the children's artwork and animated them in the computer program.

  This is a side photography project, which was an experiment of time and space. I explored this idea by capturing motion of the light that distorted through the glasses and some other shiny objects into still images. Not to mention, the colors were added to indicate the time that light moved from one spot to another.

   " Thank you for your consideration,

you can now... "

  Sleeping is Euphoria Pt. 2 was created based on the developed concept of the original Sleeping is Euphoria about the influence of reality which effects and shapes the inner world of oneself.

  This motion graphics was made when I performed live visual with the famous post-rock band which gave me a feeling of drifting in space as my designed character.

17) Sleeping one(drawing), Dialogue in the Basement Exhibition

Media: Installation with experimental motion graphic

05) The Drifting One

media : Motion graphics for

music video

  Motion graphics project at School of Visual Arts class. The piece is about the journey of oneself through time and space of the collective of memories where they formed themselves as a living realm with their own rational sense.

   LUSH is an annually big dance music event take place in the well-known hotel around Bangkok. This time, LUSH took place at the Hotel Sofitel So Bangkok.

   This is a piece of my installation in dialogue in the Basement exhibition in which I projected the moving image onto 3 glass sheets with another artist's sculpture between the two glass sheets.

  The moving images were made from hand drawing pictures, scanned and uploaded onto computer programme and converted into set of visuals.