Project Statement at the Exhibition

27 June - 25 July 2015

● 27 June - Installation Opening Party
● 4 July - Live Improvisation Noise
● 24 July - Artist Talk / Closing Party

Voraprada Voratananchai — Installation (Sculpture from painting and drawing )
Pasakorn Nontananandh — Visuals

Worramet Matutamtada — Sound

3 young artists transformed the upstairs space of Jam for this installation. A transformative dialogue between the house and our own body, with paintings and drawings the byproduct of experiences and memories.

The Experimental Stages

Final Outcome

  This experimental project lead the conclusion about the size and the positioning of the glass sheets which interacted with the visual projection at the exhibition site.

I decided to put one of the sculpture, which I used to experiment with my visual, in the middle of 3 glass sheets. For me, the result is very interesting in term of how they interact with each other and became the one whole piece, yet can be view as 2 single pieces of artwork as well.

Other Parts of the Exhibition

  here are pictures of the other parts in the exhibition including the sculptures, visual and sound which turned the whole space into the surreal realm that only existed during the exhibition period.


Visual Artist ・Motion Designer

The Site and Initial Concept of Exhibition

  The Dialogue in the Basement is the co-exhibition between 3 artists in 3 different fields, worked together to made a whole area of the exhibition as "one connecting piece" beneath the concept of "house" which is the main keyword obtained during the first discussion between 3 artists at the exhibition site where it formerly used as the living row house and later, renovated as a bar and gallary.

  Following the main and initial concept, "house", each of us made and developed the pieces of work from our understanding and interpretation which were based on our individual experiences about the "house". And in the same time, share our work to each other, discussed about the where and how to display all the art pieces, then went back to experimented our work in order to be more harmonised with one another's.

"Drifting streams of emotion you are.

Since you are here in my old house, my basement.

Now you are a part of me and you are a part of us,

reflecting each other as a distorted mirrors.

I may call you 'A Flow of Undisturbed Space."

— Pasakorn Nontananandh

Dialogue in the Basement: Development and outcome

Hand Drawing Stage

 - For my part, I started from drawing and then merged my drawing with the picture of sculpture from another artist.

Dialogue in the Basement

  Next step, I developed my drawing by imported my drawings into the computer and start editing them in motion graphic programme, turned them into moving images based on my drawing works.

  Later on, after the editing the moving image works, I experimented them with  another artist's developed sculpture by using the projector, projected my moving image works through the layer of sheet of glass onto the sculpture. Which made the sculpture looked "alive" in the harmonise way with art direction of the sculpture itself.

- Exhibition posters designed by akaliko -