- The Ellipsis was a part of the art installation section at FIGMENT 2017, Governor's Island, New York

- Process of combining realtime generative visualization and pre-rendered animation -

Interactive Installation

Project Statement

  The Ellipsis project aims to create a unique experience of how audiences perceive moving image artworks. In that moment, audiences can infuse their thoughts into the work and be a part of the images, while being in the installation space. Therefore, in order to achieve this ultimate goal, the artist combined techniques using in projection mapping project with the interactive programming to create a well-balanced ‘pre-rendered moving image + interactive installation’. In the pre-rendered moving image part, the artist combined 3D animation with the variation of video footages, shot by himself. And for the interactive part, he used interactive programming software called ‘Processing’, which allows the artist to create realtime interactive visualization, which reacts the movements of an audience around the installation space. And then altogether, live feeds the combination of the audience’s presence with the pre-rendered moving image onto two connected perpendicular walls, using the projection mapping technique.

The Ellipsis at FIGMENT NYC 2017


Visual Artist ・Motion Designer

- visual sketch of the scene -