Developed Piece

  In this developed piece, there are I 6 different of videos those I combined together. One with the normal real-time webcam display, 2 Kaleidoscopic real-time/delay webcams, 2 experimental loop videos with face tracking (one invert face tracking and another normal face tracking), and the animated loop grayscale shining diamond. Each of the videos were set to be  appear only on the different values of grayscale. The loop grayscale on each cut of the diamond constantly change from one to another value and causes the video on every cuts of diamond shift from one cut to another.

Project Statement

  School project which aims to develop the skill in Max/MSP. Each students developed their own projects in the way the software can provide. In my case, I am interested in creating real-time visual experimental piece artwork, using advantage points and possibilities of the software to conduct  the work.

Max/MSP Experimental

"Break you apart, into the past and the present,


— Pasakorn Nontananandh

Early Experimentation

  The early experimental I did in this project was mainly with Matrix and delay. After The finished the patching process, I decided to conducted the visual experimentation with the work I made.

Fraction of Time

Visual Artist ・Motion Designer