- elements from the children's painting used in the animation -

- some of the artworks made by the children during the art class -


"At the very far end land,
artists are struggling to
publish own works to audiences' eyes

It happened to me, to you,
and to them. This is, perhaps,
a very good starting chapter
for them, artists, who got non
of land to explode their thoughts

So please, let me take your hands
to the land of little artists of mine"

  — Voratananchai Voraprada,

Head artist of Is_an_Artist project

The Animation Part in This Exhibition

  The contribution I made in this exhibition is a set of loop visual animation displayed on a projector inside of the gallery and cafe, during the opening session of the exhibition. The specific set of visual is considered as an ambient media of the exhibition, which, indirectly turned the atmosphere of the cafe into the dreamland of young artists.


  In order to express the presence and feeling of young artists within the visual, I animated all of the visuals by using elements and objects from their original artwork.

The Final Outcome

  To keep the feeling and the overall theme of the exhibition,

I animated all of the animation in a modest way.

- The video was recorded during a class where teacher lets the children paint on canvases -


- one of the selected videos shown to the children during the special class -

Visual Artist ・Motion Designer

About Is_an_Artist Exhibition

  The exhibition aims is to show the abilities and development of the children through artworks. In the same time, share the experience from their perspectives of the art-therapist who takes care of Is_an_Artist project and also from other therapists in the same community.

  The exhibition took place at The Jam Factory, cafe and gallery in Bangkok. During  2nd to 4th of October 2015.  The artworks made by children were displayed on walls in the cafe along with the animation made by me. All tablecloths, aprons and waitress headband which used in cafe during the exhibition were adapted and screened from some of the children's artwork. There were also the talks from doctors and therapists who work in the field.

Meeting the Young Artists

  In order to capture and convey the feeling of children into a set of animation using in the exhibition, they have arranged a special class for me to meet the children in the project. During the session, I showed them some of their own artworks in the moving-image version, which were the prototype of the animation displayed in the exhibition. Some selected art and nature scenes videos gave them some motivations to develop their own works further more.

What is Is_an_Artist Project?

  Is_an_Artist brings out art to develop and aide underprivileged children with illness,so they can express their own creative thoughts. In the same time, give the knowledge and true understanding about the illness to the society. This project is funded by parents, doctors and education organisations in Thailand.