KaleidoSoup 2015

Project Statement

  1st Visual Art Playground in South-East Asia which contains artist Talks, presentations, free Workshops and Experimental AV Performances

KaleidoSoup aims to be the biggest international meeting of VJs and visual performers in South-East Asia.

35 Artists from all over the World (Argentina, Mexico, USA, UK, France, Poland, Italy, Australia, Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam) will gather for sharing the same love for digital art and music .. all will be performed live!

Kaleidosoup shows the power of imagination.
During this meeting the joining Artists will talk about their projects, they will present other Festivals dedicated to digital arts, they will held short workshops introducing to new softwares, and they will show some experimental project.

Visual performers are usually the most innovative professionals of the creative industry, and they are invited to share tricks, solutions, insights, projects, knowledge, wrapped up in performances to show and shine.

This meeting is designed to celebrate innovative forms of performances and is an unmissable occasion for artists and creatives to get inspiration and learn something new.




AV Performance

- Atmosphere on the Festival Day

Abstract Dream - Experimental AV Performance

  Abstract Dream was a live experimental audio/visual set, performed by me aka Akaliko as a visual performer with another sound artist, Auttaratt Photongnoppakun aka SPACE360 at Kaleidosoup 2015.

KAILEDO SOUP 2015 [AfterMV], a video of atmosphere at the event

by taken andNguyen Hong Vy aka ECLIPS PICTURES

Visual Artist ・Motion Designer

- KaleidoSoup 2015's poster