Digitally Handcraft

  One interesting thing about this photographic experimental is in the process I combined handcraft technique with digital medium in a experimental way, I created the video clip in computer programme, imported in iPhone display, moved the playing screen by hand while recording the result by using camera.

- The actual image of a video played on iPhone screen

Project Statement

  This project is the photographic experimentation aims to study about the relation of the light in consequences with the time and the distortion by using the camera as a tool to capture the result of the experimentation.

Camera used in this project : Nikon D90 with 18-105mm Lens

Technique mainly used in this project : Bulb mode

Motion glass : Development and outcome

Photograph : PHOTO graph (fote’ o graf) n.

A picture made by the action of light on a sensitised plate

Motion Glass


Into the Single Frame

  The very first experimentation in this project is trying to capture the presence of time period into a single picture. In these 2 pictures, I played video clip of a music video and moved the display in some direction while holding the shutter button. The frame rate of clip is 25 frames per second and I pressed the shutter for 10 seconds. So there are around 250 continuously images in the single photo

Visual Artist ・Motion Designer

- The color continuously changes through time

Colors as indicator

  Instead of using the music video clip, I created a video of continuously changing colors to tracked the time I moved the display screen around the another objects in front of the recording camera.

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