Atmosphere on the Festival Day

Visual Artist ・Motion Designer

  - The space where my team and I sat and controlled the visuals during the show. Along with other teams such as Lighting and sound team, video and broadcast team. Also, the director of the show.

Overcoat Music Festival 2015

Project Statement

The festival date: December 6th, 2015

Role in this festival: Motion graphic for live band performance and graphic during the interval

The Overcoat Music Festival is a day immense music festival that featuring 18 famous bands in different field of music; with almost 10,000 people attended from all over the country.
The festival took place at Khao Kho, which is a district of Phetchabun Province in northern Thailand around December of every year. Moreover, the reason this festival is called Overcoat because the weather in Thailand is very cold during that time and people have to wear their coat to the festival. My task at this festival was to produced many sets of motion graphic video and control them on the LED screen for the do the live visual performance while those music bands were performing. 


Motion Graphic/ Live Performance

   The Official Video of Overcoat Music Festival 2015 from the camera

team to shows the atmosphere of the event

The Style of Motion Graphic

  The theme of motion graphic sets were based on the style of the bands performed in the festival. In the preparation step, we listened to some of the well known tracks for each bands. We visualized and created the motion graphic with computer program. Then arranged all of them in order of the performance scheduled in the program specially made for live visual performance called Arena. On the day of festival, our responsibility was to control the motion graphic sets for the whole show; including the live band sessions and also the interval period. The festival was 12 hours long. For each performance, we improvised the way we played the visual by mixing two or more visual clips. In order to create the suitable visual for that specific moment along with the lyric and rhythm in the songs.

  - The feature motion graphic sets I created for the show including the theme graphic

  - The photos at the festival were taken by me.