Project Statement

  What is reality?

  Is it how we experience things from external world through our senses into us?
So, what will we call the whole thing inside us?

The place where dwell by emotion, imagination, dream and illusion. Especially illusion which also appears outside us, external world as a distortion of things.
  When we are asleep, drown into the dream, reality world gradually disappears but when we awake, dream doesn't disappear, just remains inside, suppress by external world.

We who exist to be witness of how inside and external world co-exist on both sides of us.

Something drifting inside, distort, reform, infiltrate out and blend with external world, waiting for being inside again.

  We, in this way, similar to the water. Sometime stay still reflect back as a mirror, sometime forms a wave of delusion.

   Or maybe, we are just another form of illusion?

- The projection on the wall while I was sitting in front of the projector and I my shadow became the silhouette part of the visual, blending a part of my presence into the scene of imagination.

Sleeping is euphoria: Development and outcome

The Very first Idea

  The very first idea of this short film was from the concept of how we consciously and unconsciously perceive things into our mind and in the same time, think and react to the motive in form of sound and gesture. And for me as an artist, I use other tools to express the motive. The main tool I usually use is the projector that connected and control by computer. These are the way I use to bring my thoughts out from my imagination which originally generated inside me and then was converted into movement of my hands while controlling the computer that is connected to the projector.

  This concept is also became the initial idea of the " Dialogue in the Basement, Exhibition" and applied to the way I perform VJing(Video Jockey) in the live music and electronic music events.

Reality ?

The Experimentation of Projection

  An experimentation with visual projection on the surface of water to explore the effects that occur on it's surface and the distortion of my visuals.

  Some of the results in this experimentation were adapted and used in some scenes of the short film to show my thought about how things distorted during the process of transformation inside the mind out to the reality world and in vice versa.

The Final Outcome

Visual Artist ・Motion Designer

Sleeping is Euphoria

Distortion as a Part of Transition

  The other thing that's very interesting for me is the way we receive and express things inside out and outside in would never be 100 percents the same from the another side cause by all of the tools and organ limitations.

Short Film

- The Drowning into the Dream, the moment we are about to fall asleep in compare to how we drown into water.